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GSmart AutoReply App Documentation

Getting started with GSmart AutoReply App

You have to first connect your Gmail account with GSmart AutoReply App. Go to the link below and complete the steps to connect your Gmail account with the App.

Login to the GSmart AutoReply App

After the steps are complete, you are taken to "My AutoReply Rules" page.

Adding a new rule

Press the 'Add New' button to create your first AutoReply Rule.

Add new auto-reply rule

The first part of the "new rule" page asks you for the conditions in which to trigger the AutoReply.

Select the condition and press the add (✓) button to add the condition. You can add more than one conditions.

Add new auto-reply rule

  1. Add a new condition
  2. Click the link to load existing messages that match the conditions
  3. Edit or delete the condition

Click the link "show matching messages" to show messages that match the conditions. This helps you test the conditions and to make sure the right conditions are selected for your rule.

Next, enter the response message.

The last step is to give a name to this AutoReply rule. This is to easily identify this rule on other screens.

Compose Auto-reply

Press the Create button and you are done!

Install the AutoReply Chrome Extension

The AutoReply Chrome extension adds quick launch buttons to your Gmail interface so that you can quickly add new auto-reply rules.

Read more about the chrome extension here

Install the GSmart AutoReply Chrome extension