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Setting up quick auto-replies to frequent queries

Quite often, you can automate a very good part of your emails by setting up auto-replies to common, frequent questions.

The first part of designing a good auto-reply rule is to identify the right keywords to look for in the email.

Once the keywords are identified, setting up the rule is easy.

Create the condition

Create Conditions

You can add multiple conditions to match the exact email:

Add More Conditions

Conditions that you can use to precisely target the right email
  • You can check for specific keywords in the subject, body or either of subject or body.
  • Choose the condition "Subject Or Body contains" 'keyword' condition if you want to search both in the subject and body of the email
  • If you want to limit the rule to a support email, add the 'To' condition. (for example, if 'To' contains 'support')

Check whether the conditions match the right emails

Search the existing emails with the conditions. The app will list the emails that match the conditions.

Check matching emails

Compose the reply

Now you can compose the message. Include as many details as required.

After you have composed the message, give a name to the Rule and press the "Create New Rule" button

Iterate and improve

Keep improving your auto-reply rule by adding more specific details in the reply and correcting the conditions, if required.