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The 'condition' part of your auto-reply rule determines whether to trigger the autoresponse. Most of the conditions are the same as the Gmail search operators.

Some of the conditions (especially the time and date matching) are new for this autoresponder

Here is the list of conditions and examples:

'From' address contains 'x'

The From address of the incoming email contains the partial string. You can provide the exact email address ( ) or you can provide the domain ( )

You can combine multiple matches using OR (capital OR).

Example (multiple matches) : OR

'To' address contains 'x'

This is useful if you have linked multiple email addresses to your Gmail account. If you want to trigger only when the message is sent to a certain email address (for example, ), use this condition.

This condition also supports partial matching, like or just

'To' or 'CC' contains 'x'

Matches when either the 'To' address or 'CC' address contains the email. This condition is like the 'To' condition but extends the check to the 'CC' field as well.

Subject contains 'x'

The subject of the email contains the given text. For example, if you want to reply to all emails that have the word 'promotion' in the subject line, use this condition.


"promotion" "New Order"
"New User" OR "User Signup"

Message body contains 'x'

Matches only when the email body contains the given text.


"Order Now"
"Purchase info" OR "purchase record"

Subject or body contains 'x'

Matches when the subject or the body of the message contains the given text

For the subject or body, you can combine multiple matches using OR.


"Limited time offer" OR "Buy Now"
Something OR another

The message is received between 'x' and 'y'

Match the time when the message is received. For example, you can set up an autoresponder for emails received between 5pm to 8am (non-office hours).

9pm and 8am

This will match messages received between 9pm and 8am any day

20th Dec and 2nd Jan

This will match messages received between 20th and 2nd Jan (both dates included) anytime on those days. Also, if you have this rule enabled, the same rule will trigger every year during that period.

1st and 5th

This rule will match emails received between 1st and 5th of every month.


This rule will match email received on 5th of any month

1st 5:00pm and 5th 9:00am

This rule will match emails received between 5pm on 1st and 9am on 5th - every month

The message is received on 'x' (Sunday/Saturday etc)

This condition can be used to filter message received on a certain day. For example, send an autoresponse to all messages received on Sunday.

The valid values for this condition are the days from Sunday to Monday.

Has attachment of type 'x'( pdf, jpeg etc)

Check whether the message has attachments of the given type. For example "pdf"

Use OR condition to match multiple types of attachments.
jpg OR jpeg OR png

If you want to just check whether there is any attachment at all, enter "any"

Has label 'x'

Matches when the message has the given label.

Work OR Updates