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Smart Auto-replies for your Gmail Address

GSmart AutoReply App can send automated replies to emails that you receive in your Gmail address. You can set up multiple auto-reply rules, each with its own custom responses.

The auto-reply rule has a set of conditions in which the rule should trigger. For example, the auto-reply should trigger when the email is from a certain address or the email body contains certain words or when the email is received at a certain time of the day.

Multiple conditions can be combined to make powerful auto-reply rules.

Here are some examples of the rules that you can setup:
when an email is received from between 7 pm and 8 am,

send a reply

"Sorry, this is my personal time"

Another example:

When an email labeled "Work" is received between 22nd of December to 2nd of January,

send a reply:

"It is my vacation time, please get back on 3rd Jan".

The GSmart AutoReply App is free up to 2 auto-responder rules

Add Auto-reply Rule From a Template

Enjoy Weekends
Too many "URGENT" emails spoiling your weekends? Auto-reply to emails on Saturdays & Sundays. Enjoy your weekends peacefully.
Claim Your Sleep
Email messages keeping you awake at night? Auto-reply to emails after office hours(like 6pm to 8am). Have quiet, sound sleep.
On Vacation
Auto-reply to emails when you are on a vacation.
Frequently Asked
Did you identify some frequently asked questions? Filter using keywords and auto-reply instantly
Alternate Number
Do not want to miss an important lead? Want to give an alternate number to reach you? Auto-reply to specific emails.